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TLK 3/2 CC: Royal Mothers and the cubs by FallenFireFox TLK 3/2 CC: Royal Mothers and the cubs by FallenFireFox
Corner from right to left
Kiara cubs:
Baya (Ugly-Looking in Swahili) is the youngest daughter of Kiara and Kovu, quite young so she just likes to get "clinging" in her mother, does not like to play with the other cubs, otherwise she gets nervous

Aaron (Gold in Swahili): He is a few months younger than Kiraki, the older brother. Aaron also likes to be with his mom, he does not usually very independent but loves getting into confusion, along with his friends, Aaron like his grandfather Scar, has a confidence in hyenas, but the pride not approve it. Lirdie is a lioness destined to marry Aaron, but he does not like it much, Aaron, likes his cousin Aziza, and he sees no problem with it because he knows that the two do not have the same blood.

Kiraki: He is the eldest and was also chosen to be king. Kiraki is very brave and very challenging, loves a fight, because he always wins, but despite being sexy and displayed Kiraki not likes see others suffer, no animals, even hyenas, he has a soft heart. But it also is not very smart in certain subjects, so he is in love with Lyra, he loves to hear her talk, and often times very romantic. But Kovu wants Aziza Vitani's daughter stay with him.

Vitani cubs:

Aziza (Powerful in Swahili): Aziza is the oldest, she is so much like Vitani, she loves to challenge others, fight hard, insult and act as if there were no rules. But despite all that all she wants is freedom, Aziza not like the Pridelands, where everyone has to follow the commands of someone, she does not feel fair, the other lionesses can not make their own choices, so it has a disconcerting way against Kovu. But is passionate about Kiraki ... and yes it will give a big problem

Ajali (Destiny in Swahili): Ajali is the youngest he is 1 year more young, he is usually shy and polite does not like to fight, but he likes to stay with him ​​sister all the time, so sometimes Vitani gives an earful at Aziza to go play with him. Ajali has practically what he want the time he wants, Vitani is the best hunter so is the leader of the lionesses, she has to go out to hunt and etc, so it does not get much from their children and that makes her sad. But Ajali like when the mother leaves, because it can stay with Aminah the Cubsitter, and he is in love with her, despite her being too mature for him.

Bases (C) Kisini and ~CrappyBases
Miam-Pepin Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
love the Kiara design =)
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